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Delloite’s Annual Report Presents Top Ten Mining Trends for 2020

The 12th issue of the annual mining report ‘Tracking the Trends 2020’ has been recently presented by Deloitte, the multinational professional services network. Highlighting the company’s top themes for the mining industry, the trend tracker aims to draw companies’ attention to those issues that could transform the future of mining in 2020 and the important considerations they should make. The report features ten mining trends operators should be aware of in 2020. These are: social investment; getting partnerships and joint ventures right; seizing opportunities within uncertainty; dynamically managing risk; the path to decarburization; intelligent mining; modernizing core technologies; the intersection of talent and community; leadership in an Industry 4.0 world and tax tribulations.
The annual mining report notes that disruption and volatility have become the new constant for the mining sector – grappling with issues like rising stakeholder demands, talent shortages, tarnished reputation, an evolving threat landscape, and dwindling access to key resources such as energy and water. Therefore, it aims to outline what “leading strategies can miners deploy to succeed in this dynamic business environment.” It says that to thrive, some companies are addressing climate change and investor concerns through decarburization and uncovering new opportunities through joint ventures. Miners are also revisiting their talent and diversity strategies, working to strengthen relationships with local communities, and seeking ways to create value beyond compliance.
“Mining has made impressive progress in the past few years, with many firms streamlining their portfolios and establishing more robust balance sheets in order to put themselves in a position of strength regardless of what lies ahead,” Deloitte Global mining & metals leader Andrew Swart says. “At the same time, they are addressing climate change, developing new opportunities, strengthening community relationships, and investigating new ways to create value. All of this is in the service of pursuing sustainable growth and is reflected in the key industry trends identified for the new edition of our report.”

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