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Global Phosphoric Acid Consumption Grows 3 PC Annually

The global steady spike in demand for phosphate fertilizers has pushed phosphoric acid consumption up by more than 3 percent annually over the past decade, according to latest figures of industry specialists.
China and India have been the largest growth markets due to their rising domestic needs for food production, experts say, noting that fertilizers accounts for nearly 90 percent of global phosphoric acid use.
Solid fertilizers are the most common phosphate products used by farmers. Undoubtedly, the development of the agricultural sector depends on the scale of the use of fertilizers which enable farmers to achieve high yields because they supply crops with the required nutrients the soil lacks. By adding fertilizers, crop yields can often be doubled or even tripled.
According to results of a scientific study carried out by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the use of the best fertilizer treatment for wheat has yielded about 60 pc crop increase thanks to three key ingredients.
These are nitrogen (N) that improves the plants growth, Phosphorus that helps to speed up the crop maturity and Potassium K ( Potash) that enables plants to fight crop diseases.

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