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Kalium Lakes Selects Main Contractors for Its Purification Plant Project

Kalium Lakes Ltd that is developing purification plant facilities for its Beyondie Sulphate of Potash Project (BSOPP), has finally, after months of investigation and negotiations, awarded the key contracts for its engineering, procurement, construction management and commissioning. The combined value of four contracts is worth US$60 million. “We have spent a significant amount of time and effort ensuring we selected the right partners to deliver each of the important ingredients for a successful, integrated project,” said Rudolph van Niekerk, Kalium Lakes’ chief development officer.
“Companies with SOP [Sulphate of Potash] specific experience and capabilities are hard to find, especially when looking for those that have taken projects from design into execution, then onto production,” van Niekerk added. The consortium Ebtec GbR (Ebtec) that provides engineering, procurement and supervision services for the BSOPP is arranged by two parties: K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies (K-UTEC) and Ebner GmbR (Ebner). As these companies have worked together for a number of years, the cooperation is assumed to be without any problems.
An engineering, procurement and construction management contract has been negotiated with DRA, whereby this company agreed to take the lead on overall BSOPP development and commissioning. Maschinenfabrik Köppern GmbH & Co. KG was chosen to take care of the engineering and supply key equipment for the compaction plant that produces granular SOP. Another contract has been signed with Firm Construction Pty Ltd for various construction services for the BSOPP. The project should be completed within 15 months from a final investment decision, followed by a commissioning and ramp up period.

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