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Peru’s SOP Fertilizer Project: MoU Between Plateau Energy Metals & Ameropa AG Announced

Plateau Energy Metals has announced that it has entered into a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Swiss-based Ameropa for cooperation on the potential production, marketing and future offtake of potassium sulphate (SOP) from the Falchani Project in Peru. Ameropa is one of the world’s largest fertilizer trading companies, with over 12 million tonnes traded and operations in 31 countries in over 100 locations.“The agricultural sector is increasingly looking for good quality inputs and focusing on nutrient use efficiency,“ Alex Chumakov, Ameropa’s Chief Operating Officer, said. „A potential producer of natural SOP, in a strategic region of the world with strong forecasted demand growth, are all elements that come together in this exciting project. We are looking forward to partnering in this project by providing a channel to bring product to the market through Ameropa’s global sales and distribution network.”
An initial phase of testwork to evaluate the potential for by-products from the Falchani lithium extraction process commenced in October 2019 with ANSTO Minerals. As reported in the 18 July 2019 news release, tank leaching recovered potassium (K), Caesium (Cs) and Rubidium (Rb) into sulphate solution. The three potential by-products under current test work include: Sulphate of Potassium (SOP), and Caesium and Rubidium chemical products. Results of the testwork are expected shortly.A Peru and South America SOP market study is currently underway. Working with the Ministry of Agriculture and various specialty crop associations in Peru, the Plateau Energy Metals believes initial data demonstrates there is an existing compelling market dynamic for a potential domestic SOP source. The Falchani project is located close to the Interoceanica Highway, a road network that connects three Pacific ports in Southern Peru and the major agricultural regions of Brazil and its Atlantic ports. Access to the ports and agricultural regions through this road network offers low cost transport options for getting products to and from the Falchani project.
Founded in 1948, Ameropa is a Swiss, privately owned international agri-business that produces, originates and markets fertilisers and grains and is part of the agricultural supply chain whose task it is to feed the world. Ameropa is an agri-business operating in 31 countries that invests globally in assets supporting its business activities ranging from production, logistics and marketing to distribution. Ameropa‘s core business is physical trading of fertilisers and grains, and its strategy is to focus on physical trading of fertilisers and grains, with a view to further support its trading operations with investments into related assets.Plateau Energy Metals Inc., a Canadian exploration and development company, is enabling the new energy paradigm through exploring and developing its Falchani lithium project and Macusani uranium project in southeastern Peru, both of which are situated near significant infrastructure.

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