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PhosAgro Domestic Fertilizer Sales Soar by 14.3% Year-to-Year

PhosAgro-Region, a subsidiary of PhosAgro, increased the total volume of mineral fertilizer sales to Russian agricultural producers by 14.3% year-to-year to 1.65 million tonnes in the first six month of 2019. Sales of PhosAgro mineral fertilizers to the domestic market increased by 17.4% year-to-year to 1.4 million tonnes over the same period, while the volume sales of third-party products remained unchanged year-to-year. In the January-June 2019 period, Russian farmers purchased 5.46 million tonnes of mineral fertilizers, an increase of 14.1% year-to-year, according to the Russian Association of Fertilizer Producers.

“Russian farmers are priority consumers of PhosAgro mineral fertilizers,“ says PhosAgro CEO, Andrey Guryev, and added that „we are growing faster than the market, with PhosAgro products representing every third tonne sold to domestic agricultural producers. The continued rapid expansion of Russian agricultural exports is one of the key growth drivers, as it requires more efficient use of arable land to increase the volume and competitiveness of crop production. … PhosAgro is an active participant in this work, providing the domestic market with mineral fertilizers that are produced from unique natural pure raw materials. This gives our customers a competitive advantage, and consumers in Russia and abroad can have confidence in the safety of Russian food.”

PhosAgro-Region invested approximately RUB250 million into the development of its network over the first six months of 2019, which made it possible to simplify the delivery of mineral fertilizers to farmlands in a number of regions. By July, the capacity for the storage and delivery of liquid fertilizers directly to the fields was significantly expanded, and now PhosAgro’s liquid complex fertilizers are available even to relatively small farms. Moreover, the PhosAgro-Region’s operations have also been characterized by a growth in demand for complex fertilizers with a high content of active ingredients, the use of which can ensure crop quality, as well as consistently strong interest in both its traditional fertilizer grades, as well as new NPK grades.

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