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Potash & Fertilizer Company News: PhosAgro, Danakali/Colluli & Australian Potash/Lake Wells

PHOS-AGRO, a Moscow-based chemical holding company producing fertilizer, phosphates and feed phosphates, has started shipping Apaliqua NP 11-37 liquid complex fertilizers to farmers in Hungary and Bulgaria. Apaliqua NP 11-37 is a liquid nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer which ensures superior phosphorus availability and uptake. The fertilizer is ideal for cereal crops heavily dependent on phosphorus and effective in providing foliar extra nutrition for winter and spring wheat. The first vessel carrying 5 kt of Apaliqua NP 11-37 to Hungarian and Bulgarian consumers left Apatit’s industrial port in Cherepovetsthe, the largest city in Russia‘s Vologda region, in early July. The phosphorus contained in the Apaliqua NP 11-37 fertilizer contributes to higher yield, grain quality and content, faster seed germination and better grain fill in addition to accelerating crop development and ripening as well as to the improvement of the water profile of plants. The fertilizer is widely used on a global scale by major agricultural producers in the US, UK, France and other EU countries. Russian demand for the Apaliqua NP 11-37 has grown by 70% over the last three years, with its sales doubling after the snowless winter caused water shortages in key agricultural regions.
DANAKALI has announced that the Notice of Commencement of Mine Development, which Colluli Mining Share Company (CMSC) lodged with the Eritrean Ministry of Energy & Mines (MoEM), has been accepted by the MoEM. Although the Notice was submitted to the MoEM by CMSC in December last year, the process has been slower than expected due to Covid-19 related lockdowns in Eritrea. In accordance with the Mining Agreement, CMSC has 36 months from submission date to spend US$200 million within the Mining Licence Area. CMSC had previously obtained all licences and permits within the Colluli Mining Licence, and along with the acceptance of the Notice, the MoEM has also granted all required permits, licences and authorisations for infrastructure construction and development outside the Colluli Mining Licence area. Infrastructure to be developed and upgraded outside the Colluli Mine Licence area includes, sea water intake and treatment area at Anfile Bay (WITA); pipeline and access corridor of 87km between the WITA and the Colluli process plant; and Colluli site access road of 57km connecting Colluli to Marsa Fatuma.
AUSTRALIAN POTASH has signed a longform binding agreement with Tier 1 partner Mitsui & Co. (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd. (Mitsui) for the supply of 30 000 tpy of K-BriteTM sulfate of potash (SOP) from the Lake Wells SOP project (LSOP). This is the third agreement executed in the offtake programme and covers the distribution of K-Brite through Asia, excluding China. The company now has agreements in place for 100 000 tpy of offtake across Australia, New Zealand, China and Asia, out of its total expected production of 150 000 tpy. Other agreements have been completed with Migao International, signed in April 2020, and Redox, signed in March 2020. Matt Shackleton, Managing Director and CEO commented that “the relationship with Tier 1 Global fertilizer distributor Mitsui & Co. (Asia Pacific), reflected in this long-form binding offtake agreement, opens the Asian ex-China fertilizer markets to the K-Brite and Australian Potash brands.

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