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US Farmers Expect Lower Fertilizer Prices in 2014

It seems that prices of fertilizers come out lower this year in the United States compared to previous cropping years. “We’re seeing significant cuts in fertilizer prices for N, phosphate and potash compared to this time last year”, says a US economist.
As a result, American farmers expect to see lower fertilizer bill this year which increases their chances to make good profits and line up their pockets.
According to estimates of some industry experts, a corn & soybean farmer is expect to pay about 20 pc less for fertilizer in 2014 than in 2013 due to good weather conditions and sufficient market supply.
If good weather holds, the lower prices will be a good opportunity for some farmers who were unable to use fertilizers in poor soils for economic and cost reasons.
Fertilizer applications lowered in 2012 due to a wet fall in the eastern Corn Belt and extreme drought in the western Corn Belt. Wet conditions have hampered most US farmers to use fertilizers for much of the Midwest earlier this year.

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