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Welcome to PhosphatePrice.com, an online resource for Phosphate industry information, news, pricing data covering industrial metals market such as Phosphate Rock, Potash and Fertilizers.
It is the trusted source for all your Phosphate industry intelligence.

PhosphatePrice.com delivers reliable analysis and comprehensive news information to bring readers and executives closer to Phosphate industry market by providing up-to-date data of global issues.

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Our team includes 2 Inhouse Specialists and 3 Foreign Correspondents gathering necessary and useful informations and tools to feed the online publication.

Kaley Robinson, is a canadian financial spacialist who serves for over than 5 years in introducing International Mining Companies in Global Stock Exchange.

The new shift is to share such expertise as a digital magazine Chief Editor.

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Mr. Komang Juliana
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To contact our NewsDesk for any comment or inquiry, please write to info@phosphateprice.com