Potash West Moves On with a Project in Central Germany

Potash West Moves On with a Project in Central Germany

Global potash company, Ercosplan, has been commissioned by Potash West, an exploration company focused on developing potassium-rich glauconite deposits in West Australia’s Perth Basin, to supervise technical operations on the South Harz project in Thuringia in Central Germany. Further drilling is needed on the site to upgrade the resource classification at the Project to JORC 2012 standard. Experts think that three additional holes must be drilled in order to have a sufficient impact on the upgrade.

The owner of the project is East Exploration Pty Ltd, which is partly owned by Potash West. Drilling in the holes is currently being discussed and the company has started to liaise with the contractors who will be capable of delivering the demanded drilling specifications. The consultants believe that a maximum of three drill holes will have a significant impact on the upgrade.

South Harz consists of the Küllstedt and Grafentonna covering 241 km2 and 216 km2 respectively. Potash was mined within the Küllstedt license between 1912 and 1924, with three shafts operational during that period. The site has a significant exploration target of 4 to 5 billion tons of potash ore at a grade between 7 and 25 percent potassium oxide.

In mid-May this year, Potash West announced that there was a possibility that it would sell 100 percent of the South Harz project to Petratherm Limited. The opportunity was subject to due diligence but both sides agreed not to proceed with the transaction in the end.
Now, East Exploration is in negotiations with other parties to achieve a similar deal.