Belaruskali to Deliver 1.5 million ton of Fertilizers to China in 2017 to 2019

Belaruskali to Deliver 1.5 million ton of Fertilizers to China in 2017 to 2019

Last week, Belarusian Potash Co. and China Chemical Construction Corp. (CNCCC), the major importer of potash fertilizers to the People’s Republic of China, signed a memorandum of cooperation for 2017-2019 on the sidelines of the visit of the Chinese delegation from CNCCC to Belaruskali. Under the memorandum, Belaruskali will provide the delivery of 1.5 million ton of potash fertilizers to China from 2017 to 2019.

The memorandum was signed in the Belaruskali mine No. 1 at the depth of 420 m. The signing ceremony and the memorandum itself between Belarusian and Chinese companies demonstrates the long-term reliable cooperation between the two partners and the positive reputation of Belaruskali potash products.

The President of CNCCC, Xia Qinglong, who signed the memorandum on behalf of the Chinese party, commented on the visit to the Belaruskali production that “I was impressed by the high level of production and the most advanced technologies I saw on Belaruskali. The responsible approach, reliance and quality – this is what we value in our Belarusian partner, and what gives us confidence in the prospects of further mutually beneficial cooperation.”

Director General of Belaruskali, Ivan Golovaty, on his part, stressed that “High quality of products stays the priority in business activity of our enterprise and thereby the wide assortment of potash fertilizers under the trademark Belaruskali is highly appreciated by the most sophisticated consumers, the dedicated labor of miners appears a reliable guarantee in achievement of all intended targets and execution of contracts concluded.”